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Product Description

Composition: Each 100 ml contains:            

  1               Toltrazuril                 5000 mg

  2               Exipents                   q.s


  1. For prevention and treatment of infections caused by coccidiosis of poultry.
  2. Have a quite well action to chicken Eimeria tenella, E.acervulina, E.necatrix, E.brunetti, E.maxima. Except can effectively control the emergence and death of the caecum coccidiosis after using medicine,and can make ootheca of chickens coccidiosis disappear.The effectiveness of preventment and treatment is superior to other coccidiosis.

Administration: Orally in drinking water


7 mg Bw-Toltra-5% /1kg. Body weight per day for 2 consecutive days or 1ml of solution/1lt of drinking water for 2 consecutive days. For sever infections, the treatment may be repeated 5 days later.

Withdrawal: Meat: Broilers: 14 days

Caution: Do not use in layers producing eggs for human consumption.

Storage: Store at temp. Below 25c, away from direct sun light.

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